1. Providing Voice over IP solution For entreprises
    Providing Voice over IP solution For entreprises
  2.  Your Phone number 

 Follow you everywhere
    Your Phone number Follow you everywhere
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 Your home business
    We have solution for Your home business
Why Traditional Phone And Cable Companies Can't Match Our Service.

We are a smarter cloud-based business phone service for small businesses, working to help you build better relationships with your customers and designed to make your business run better. You can ditch your inflexible “traditional” phone or cable company that provides your phone service. Our revolutionary features coupled with our free web and mobile app makes it unlikely for you to miss any business opportunities that comes calling. We help you compete with big businesses at a low price, featuring no hidden fees or charges, and that is a big difference you can take to the bank.
Cloud-based Phone System with PBX, IVR and CRM    

Our Hosted solution combines a PBX, IVR and a CRM system all in one. What all of these acronyms mean is a better phone system for your small business. You get the sophistication of an Enterprise quality phone service without having to pay for any of the expensive equipment because our Hosted Pbx is safely and efficiently operating in the cloud. So whether your firm has 1 or 100 employees you can project the image of a Fortune 500 company. Who knows? You may get there one day.

Here are some of the cool features you'll get with our Hosted Pbx solution.

  • A virtual receptionist that greets callers and directs them to the right person at 
       your firm. Ms./Mr. Virtual never takes a minute off and costs you nothing for 
       salary or benefits.
  • A handy mobile version that offers complete functionality wherever you go.
       CRM for free. Our Hosted solution keeps track of all the calls to your business and then 
       lets you add notes so whoever picks up the phone can see that history of that 
  • Powerful call management. Get complete control over where your calls go and 
      when they go there. With Our Pbx solution, call management is a snap.
      ClickCall Extension. This browser extension allows you call any phone number that is             displayed on the web with a single mouse click

Starting at 50$ for 1 business phone number and 1 extention

Let us know you're needs and we will send you a quote